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商品説明Theme Ladies Girls Gatsby FLAPPER Fancy Dress Accessories Charleston 20s Costume Theme (Size: 1)

Great 1920's flapper accessories,100% brand new.

Gorgeous 5 pieces flapper accessory sets, available in black.

Either purchase the full 5 pieces set, or select the separate items.

Ideal accessory for fancy dress parties, festival, carnivals or any TV / Film.

Take back to the Jazzy time for the Flapping 1920's flapper & dance themed events.


Colour: Black

Theme Flapper

Flapper Charleston

Condition Brand-new

Style 1920s- 1930s Party

Type Fancy Dress Costume

Gender: Female - Girls - Ladies - Woman

Product Size

Feather Boa 78.74 inch - 200cm

Long Gloves 15.76 inch - 40cm

Pearl Necklace 34.28 inch - 87cm

Cigarette Holder 7.49 inch - 19cm

Flapper Headband: 13.4 inch - 34cm

The 5 piece set includes:

1 x Feather Boa

1 x Cigarette Holder

1 x Satin Long Gloves

1 x Flapper Headband

1 x Long Pearl Necklace
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