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The Printing Process:

Swiss Pack Factory Has A Huge Production Facility With Up To 6 Production Lines Under Both Flexo And Roto Printing Systems.


Swiss Pack Offers A Range Of Colors From 1-4 Colors Capability. For Fast Deliveries, Reduced Cost, But Colorful And Powerful Designs.
We Print On Any Kind Of Paper, Polypropylene, Cellophane, Polyethylene And Alum Foil.


We Offer A Range Of Colours From 1-10 Colors Capability. For More Printing Quality, Complex Packaging Designs, Pictures And Astonishing Results.
N.B. Roto Printing Cylinders Take One Week For Preparation; Once The Cylinders Are Ready Our Lead-Time Is Reduced To 1 Week For Fob Based On Vendor Schedule.
We Laminate Aluminum Foil From7 Microns, All Plastics From 10 Microns, Paper And Cardboard Up To 250 Microns. We Also Laminate These Materials With Polypropylene, Cellophane, Polyethylene And Alum Foil. (We Offer Adhesion Lamination System According To Your Needs)
With Many Slitters Able To Cut In Various Widths (50 Mm To 3400 Mm), We Cut Exactly According To Your Specifications
Flexible Film

  • Single Layer (Bopp,Paper,Pvc….Etc)

2 Layer – Duplex

  • Laminates Up To 3 Layers.
  • Cold Seal Single Layer.
  • Cold Seal Laminate In Register.
  • Polyethylene Up To 140µ  .
  • Any Other Flexible Composite Needed By Our Customer.
  • Metalized Film, Producing Facility Of Metallization To Any Kind Of Film And Paper As Well (Cigarette Paper, Decoration Paper ….Etc).
  • Silted Paper, Silting Facility To Jumbo Reels Up To 3400 M

The Packaging Process:

Swiss Pack Helps Customers to Achieve Their Goals By Providing A Total Systems Approach To Packaging. We Work Closely With Our Customers To Understand Their Key Issues And Requirements. We Evaluate The Entire Packaging Process. Then We Develop Complete Packaging Solutions That Increase Our Customers’ Productivity And Profitability.
The Systems Advantage Program Combines Machines, Materials And Service Into A Comprehensive Program Designed To Enhance Performance And Reduce Costs. Systems Advantage Customers Enjoy The Convenience Of A Single-Source Solution To Their Packaging Needs, And Further Benefit From Preferential Pricing, Performance Guarantees And Priority Service For Optimum Productivity And Guaranteed Satisfaction.