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We offer several packaging solutions in mono or multi-structure based on plastic films, paper or aluminum for a wide range of applications in food, beverage and hygiene markets.

Various advanced proprieties are available such as high speed and high barrier structures (moisture, oxygen, light and aroma...) to suit to your application specificities, efficiency and packing process

Rotogravure or flexography printed, our laminates are used as packaging material in direct contact with the product.


  • Mono or laminate films, paper, aluminum available even in standard or high speed materials
  • High barrier: Oxygen, Humidity, aromas, light…
  • Excellent sealing & resistance proprieties
  • Various coating available according to your application
  • Rotogravure or flexographic printing up to 10 colors


Biscuits & confectionary

Chips & snacks

Dairy: Butter & cheese

Pasta & cereals: pasta, rice

Condiments: dressing, salt, spices

Coffee: vacuum, stick